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Gerald & Louise Anglin

I was saved on October 12, 1969, called to preach March 25, 1970, and called to the mission field July 27, 1970. We surrendered to go to Mexico, where we served one term and started two churches that are still going on today. The churches have also started other churches in other areas of Mexico. We went to Colombia, South America, where we were missionaries for nineteen years. We started a number of churches there and they have started other churches. In 1996, we came back to the States to work with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry. We have been working in this prison ministry for nearly six years. I am the Spanish Department Director. Lou, my wife, is in charge of the Spanish Prisoners Bible Institute. She has 235 students now. She sends the students the Bible courses, grades the results, files them and then sends new lessons. It is a full time ministry for her. Of course, I preach in the prisons. Please continue to pray for us as we reach the inmates in the prisons. 


Isaac & Christina Bhasme 


Publishing Kanada K.J.V Bible

Church Planting

 Number of Churches established :46

T.V. Ministry

Literature Ministry


Proposed Ministry


Bible College in Native Language

Home for the destitutes

Children's Home


Jeff & Perla Blust

Jeff was got saved in Italy in May 1987.  

His ministy includes:

Preaching the WORD 

Leading Souls To Christ 

Discipling the Saved 

Planting Indigenous Independent

       New Testament Baptist Churches

Training National Pastors 

Theological Seminar

Dave Carter.jpg

Dave & Glenda Carter

Our missionary  accepted the Lord on November 23, 1969, and he attended Tennesse Temple and Hyles-Anderson colleges, graduating in 1975.  

Brother Carter and his wife, Glenda were married June 9, 1973 and they have four sons; Steven, Ben, John and David. 

Brother Carter surrendered for full-time service and also surrendered for the mission field in March 1971. He and his family arrived on the mission field on August 10,1976  

In June of 1990, the lord placed a burden on Brother Carter's heart to start another church.. He will continue as pastor of New Life Baptist in Kawagoe, but in addition to this he feels that more can be done to win the lost. His burden is to go back to Tokyo, where ha started his first church almost 10 years ago. The Lord put the city of Fussa, which is near the Yokota Air Base upon his heart.  

On September 9,1990 Brother Carter started a new church in Faso, Japan. He will be meeting each Sunday at the Yokota Baptist Vhurch, pastored by fellow BIMI missionary Rev. Jon DeRusha. As an outreach of the military church there, we will be starting a service for Japanese. 


Brother Carter has also started learning Japanese sign language. Most people think sign language is internationally the same, this is not true. Many of the signs are pictures of the Chinese characters called "kanji." Brother Carter's goal is to be able to preach with signs. 

Stever Carter.JPEG

Steve & Bethany  Carter

Steve grew up in Japan as the oldest son of missionaries Dave and Glenda Carter. He trusted Christ at the age of 5 while back in the states on furlough. He was called to be a missionary as a young teenager back in Japan, and started helping with different areas of the church while preparing to go to Bible College. 

He attended Hyles-Anderson College, where he met his wife Bethany. They both graduated in 1997, and were married that summer. They returned to Bethany’s home church, Shawnee Baptist Church, in Louisville, KY, where they are currently based out of. After several years of deputation, they left as missionaries to Japan in April of 2003. 

Since that time, they have been helping their parents with starting Akigawa Baptist Church, in Akiruno City, Tokyo. After starting in Dave and Glenda’s home, they were eventually able to purchase a house which they’ve converted to a church building, where they are currently meeting. 

Visit Website:


Jim & Phyllis Childress

Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.I was saved as a teenager at Bible Baptist Church in Cincinnati Ohio. My wife, Phyllis, made a profession of faith there as well, but would not be saved until about 12 years later when she received Christ in our home after we returned Springfield, Mo. so that I could finish the required courses in order to graduate from Baptist Bible College. We both went to BBC right after high school in 1965. Phyllis graduated on schedule. I did not. Phyllis graduated in 1968 and I graduated in 1975, spending almost five years in the Army between start and finish. Almost four years of my military service were dedicated to service in Panama. Phyllis and I have been married since Aug 6, 1966. We do not have children. We have adopted a number of pastors’ families and there are about 15 that call us grandma and grandpa. 


Bruce & Mary DeLange

Bruce DeLange and his wife Mary started serving the Lord shortly after Bruce was saved. Their story proves just how great the change can be. He was featured on the world-wide radio program Unschackled 

The DeLanges started in evangelism in 1968, singing and preaching in churches, jails, and rest homes on a part-time basis. They helped to start three churches in South Dakota and Nebraska. In 1985, they went into full-time evangelism, traveling all across America and in several foreign countries. 


Their music is Southern Gospel and they sing many of the old songs and hymns. They have written several songs, and both play guitar.


Fellowship Tract League

The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. We believe the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Our purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God's people all around the world to fulfill His command.


Since the ministry began in 1978, our Lord has allowed us to print and ship over 4 billion Gospel tracts into more than 200 countries. Every tract printed by this ministry has been given away free of charge. At the present time, we are printing in over 70 different languages


Tom & Krinny Gaudet

•Striving to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially people who are difficult to reach 

•Developing Effective Evangelism Strategies


•Developing and Publishing Evangelistic and Follow-up Literature 

•Training National Workers 


Visit website:

•Striving to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially people who are difficult to reach 

•Developing Effective Evangelism Strategies


•Developing and Publishing Evangelistic and Follow-up Literature 

•Training National Workers 


Visit website:


Rick & Rebecca Martin 

The last thing I thought I would ever be was a missionary. That was until Missionary Bob Hughes came to visit my home church, First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana, In March of 1976. Brother Hughes was dying of cancer. That night he was only able to speak for a few minutes but when he was finished I turned to my wife Becky and told her we were going to the Philippines.


We arrived in Iloilo City in October, 1977 and shortly afterward started a Bible Study in our apartment. Most churches are started as a result of Bible Studies and in April of 1978, Iloilo Baptist Church was born. This past April the church celebrated its 34th anniversary. Iloilo Baptist College was started in June of 1978, with a goal of starting churches.


God blessed us with two wonderful children:  a son, Ricky, and a daughter, Rachel. Ricky and his wife Brandie are now working here with us. They have a son named Tristan (T.J.), and a daughter named Ava. Our daughter Rachel married a fine young man named Matt. They are working in a church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They have a son named Landon.


The Philippines,  for the 35 years we have lived here, has been very receptive to the Gospel. The people of Iloilo are especially open. There are many open doors. The Philippine Constitution allows churches to send their workers into the public schools and teach their religion on a volunteer  basis. Many teachers and principals, who have never accepted Christ, welcome us to teach the Bible. Special people groups like the deaf, educable slow, street children, lepers, blind, patients in hospitals, prisoners, etc., are hungry for our great Saviour. There are countless opportunities


Jim & Carol Jones 

Bro. James Jones is a Missionary with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry. He and his wife, Carol, reside in Punta Gorda, Florida .  Bro. Jim carries the gospel to prisoners.


David & Hannah Owens 

 David’s Testimony:

My parents arrived to Argentina as missionaries in 1986. I was born 
and raised in Argentina as my parents faithfully served the Lord. I 
trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 17. I grew in my faith 
during the following years.
Because of my background, God has given me a thorough knowledge of the 
culture and people of Argentina. Also, He has allowed me to have 
experience with church planting work on the mission field.
After some counsel, God led me to attend Bible College. I attended 
Bible College and graduated in May of 2012. At Bible College, I met my 
beautiful wife and the love of my life, Hannah. She has been a 
tremendous blessing to my life and an answer to prayer. We got married 
in May of 2014.
It was at a missions conference at school where God called me to serve 
in Argentina. God has ignited in me a passion to reach the people of 
Argentina. I have lived there, been with the people, traveled the 
country, adapted to the culture and language but more importantly seen 
the great need! God made it clear that He wanted me to serve with Him 
in the country of Argentina.

Hannah’s Testimony:

I was born and raised in a pastors home where I am the fourth of eight 
children. At the young age of seven I was saved in my Father’s study 
and later baptized. A major part of my childhood was spent in Mexico 
City where my family and I served. We spent eight years as 
missionaries in this country. I thank the Lord for allowing me the 
opportunity of growing up in a different culture and the ability to 
learn the language fluently.
After serving in Mexico my family and I returned back to the United 
States where we planted Hispanic Baptist Churches and Bible 
Institutes. During high school, I attended a youth conference and it 
was there that I surrendered my life completely to the Lord and to His 
will for my life. After I graduated high-school, I went to Bible 
College and it was there that I met my husband, David Owens. He was 
also a second generation missionary. We had much of the same passions 
and goals, the most important being to reach the lost with the Gospel 
and to see more souls saved.
I thank the Lord for bringing our lives together the way He did. I am 
very excited about being with my soul mate and serving the Lord along 
side him in Argentina. God’s will is always perfect and I am looking 
forward to what He has planned for us in the near future.



Kieth & Jamie Putman

  • Keith was raised in Elgin, IL. He was saved when he was 6 years old. He has had the opportunity to serve in many different ministries throughout the years including bus routes, nursing homes, Sunday school and camps. He was called to Brazil when he was in the fourth grade.

  • Jamie grew up in Bourbonnais, IL. She was saved while in college and served in many capacities. She felt a strong call to missions while in high school. Keith and Jamie were married in April of 2015 and graduated from Providence Baptist College in May of 2015. Their daughter Elaina was born in January of 2017 and Clayton was born in March of 2019. They are excited about what God has for them as they step into the calling Christ has put on their hearts and lives.


Mitch & Elizabeth Muller

The Muller Family have been serving in Mexico as church planters since 1999. They serve in the southern most part of Mexico called the Yucatan Peninsula. Having planted churches in Campeche, Quintana Roo they now have moved to Yucatan and are currently starting their 3rd church. 

Mitchell and Liz are sent out by the Open Door Baptist Church of Lynn wood, Wa having graduated from the Bible Institute under Dr. Ken Blue. Their current pastor is Jason Murphy, another Open Door graduate of Pastor Blue's mentor ship.

The Mullers have been used of the Lord to train several national workers who are currently serving the Lord in many areas. 

In 2008 their son Richard went to Bible College to study for the ministry and is currently pastoring the Hispanic Ministry in the Mt Ave Baptist Church in Banning Ca, under the pastorate of Rich Szydlowski. 

Bro Mitchell spends a lot of time translating good books for the Hispanic world and has translated several titles that are published in addition to a few of his own books. He is a sought after Conference speaker in the Hispanic world and travels to Central America often to speak at Bible and Missions Conf's. 

Liz is always busy in the Children's ministries where her hearts desire is to reach children and teach them the valuable principles of God's word. 

Genoveve (Jenny) is active in the Media ministries of their church. She is a gifted graphic artist that uses her talents for the Lord. She also teaches the King's Kids on Sunday Evenings. 


The Muller's would love to hear from you. They can be reached via e mail at

They also encourage you to consider a visit as a short term missionary. Over the years they have hosted many church groups and several individuals. 


Reformers Unanimous

The Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship are a revolutionary faith based residential discipleship program developed from over a decade of experience working with hundreds of thousands of troubled people  through Reformers Unanimous local chapter classes. Renowned behavior modification  experts Steve Curington, and Dr. Paul Kingsbury have produced a program that uses a unique spiritual approach to develop lifelong stability. If you have tried everything else, and are looking for something that “just works” then this program is for you. Every part of our program is in place to transform a “non-functioning” person into a stable, successful member of society.


Tyler & Cathy Ryberg

It was at Grace Baptist Church and the Military Service Center for Christ near Camp Lejuene in Jacksonville, NC, where young Lieutenant J. Tyler Ryberg, USMC, was mentored and trained by Pop and Mom Woolston. They had an everlasting impression on him to be a “missionary to the Marine Corps.” Finally, 25 years after he worked with the Woolstons at Camp Lejuene, God called Colonel Ryberg out of the Marine Corps and into fulltime missionary work. His goal is to revitalize the Woolstons’ vision and mission to evangelize and disciple military men and women around the world through Worldwide Military Baptist Missions, a local church ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Belleville, IL.


Tom Schulte

Tom Schute is an evangelist. He travels the United States preaching the Gospel.


Josh, Alyse & Bentlee Szwarga

Josh and Alyse met in 2015 while attending Providence Baptist College in Elgin, IL. Both of them had a burden for the mission field through their teen years, and Josh was called to the mission field at the age of 11. In 2018, their pastor, Dr. Keith Gomez, returned from a short trip to New Zealand and briefly spoke on the need for church planters in New Zealand. Through this simple comment, along with much prayer, the Lord burdened their hearts specifically for the people of New Zealand. Seeking God's will, they embarked on a survey trip in November 2019.

After driving over 2,400 miles throughout the island, seeing the mission field ready to harvest and meeting with over a dozen like-minded pastors, it became clear that New Zealand is God's will for them. Shortly after returning, God gave 2 Corinthians 4:4-6 to Josh and Alyse as His confirmation on His calling.

Website :


Paula VanNatta

Paula  Van Natta is serving the Lord in Puerto Rico

Ministry: Ladies Bible Study, Children’s & Youth Ministries


Neil Whitwam

Neil Whitwam and his wife were missionaries in Zambia. Zambia is a very poor country with many diseases and high unemployment.  They started a church that grew to over 700 members in one year! They were truely used by God!
Because of health problems they returned to the United States.

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