Sunday School

We have classes for all ages - from infants to adults. Babies are invited to stay in the nursery with volunteer workers from the church. This will allow the parents to study the Bible with their class while their child is being cared for with loving adults. 


The cars on the train say  " Help - Give - Share - Love Serve - Pray. Childrenn ages 2-6 are in the primary room during church. They are taught at their own level with Bible stories songs, coloring pictures. These are pictures of the primary room .


Junior Church

 During the morning worship service we have a junior Church program were children ages 6 - 12 are taught the Bible on their level. 

         Vacation Bible School


Classe for all. ages! Adults are welcome. We start in the auditorium at 7 with singing. We have classes, crafts and even time for a small refreshment outside where the children get a chance to run and play. We will close each nght in the auditorium with more singing. If you need a ride please call the church for transportation. We will pick up and drop off your child.

Please download the registration form and bring it on your first day. There is NO cost - all is free! So mark your calendar we would love to have you and your kids worship with us.