Senior Dinner

Fun! Food Fellowship!


The seniors meet usually on the second Friday of the each month.  Seniors are age 55 and older. They meet at 5:00 for dinner. The church provides the meat and the seniors bring a side dish. After the dinner they enjoy fellowship. It is a great time to get to know other  members of the church. You do not have to be a member  to attend. If you live in the Bridgeview area  just stop by!  


Youth -Teenagers

Ladies Birthday Lunch

Joe and Jenny Coffey are the leaders for thr teenage group.

The youth of  the churches in the area compete in their Bible knowledge. You have to answer the question actuately and be the first to jump up. The winner will  take possesion of the trophy until the next rally.

It is a blessing to have young people who want to know God's word and compete in contests. 


The ladies of the church meet every 3 months to celebrate whoever has had a birthday during those months. They share a meal together and a little desert. Then they  enjoy each other's company by playing games or get creative and even may make a craft together.  The birthday girl  recieves a small gift chosen for her.  We enjoy about 2 hours together on the designated Saturday afternoon.